My way of working is


Strong support, directly at the own workplace (Gemba), by involving all supporting functions. I accompany employees in fulfilling their tasks following the “bottom-up” principle instead of holding meetings in remote rooms. Consequently, I spend more than 50% of my time on the shop floor.


Successfully tested in various industries, countries and corporate cultures, my way of working can be applied in (small) series as well as in single-unit production. From eyeglass lenses to special vehicles and to wind turbines. From family businesses to corporations, from Europe to the USA and China. From individual production sites to group of companies.


By challenging and encouraging, I individually empower employees to determine their future through the results they accomplish. Thereby, we meet at eye level.


A positive failure culture and openness to experimenting typically lead to much better results than employees and management initially think possible.

Shaping the future – using successful methods of my interim management

Lean philosophy

Alignment of all operating processes towards customer benefits. Continuous improvement (CIP) of these processes, by the employees, promotes personal responsibility, self-determination and commitment.

Shop floor management

Transparency of goals and results at the workplace (visual management) helps to provide employees with support while allowing independent process corrections to form the basis for continuous improvement via PDCA.

Hoshin Kanri

When process stability is achieved, new strategic goals are set and the challenges that arise are addressed with CIP.