Interim management

Operational turnarounds – growth – improving the cash conversion cycle

My credo

„It always seems impossible until it’s done.“

Interim management –

when there is an urgent lack of qualified management capacities.

Reasons for using an interim manager:

Structural and temporary problems with results

Working capital (cash conversion cycle)
Cash flow
Delivery time/delivery reliability
Sales growth

Integration and/or realignment, e.g., after an acquisition

Introducing the company to a new corporate culture
Involve the workforce and their representatives in the process during changes
Bridging cultural differences between different countries

Bridging vacancies

Bridging vacancy periods
Coaching and supporting an internal candidate
Supporting the search and onboarding of external candidates

How you can benefit using an interim manager:

Proven leadership experience in change processes and crisis management
Avoidance of operational blind spots, also within a specific industry
External know-how
Independent from corporate politics
Short-term and flexible deployment possible (also regionally)


Encouraging and supporting the entire workforce in continuously improving customer value through company processes.


Providing support where problems occur – i.e., shop floor management instead of meetings in the conference room. Developing problem-solving skills – asking the right questions rather than delivering answers.


Even if the approach seems unusual at first: Teams I lead usually achieve results that exceed their expectations.


Through many years of working and also living in different countries assuming global responsibility,
I have succeeded in constantly developing my intercultural competence.


In a non-binding initial meeting, I would like to get to know the challenges you are facing so that we can decide together whether I can help you solve them.