Measuring by results.

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible,
and suddenly, you are doing the impossible.”

The problems in companies that hire me as an interim manager are often similar. Symptoms of the problems include poor results, high levels of employee sick leave, lack of motivation and/or difficult relationships with works councils and unions. With a clear outside view, unbiased and objective, I rapidly uncover causes for existing difficulties and failures. At the same time, I develop proposed solutions together with the employees. Step by step, every day. My way of working enables me to achieve faster and better results than expected. This is the standard I am ready to measure up to.

Examples of improvements

within 12 months


  • Low employee motivation
  • High number of accidents
  • Quality > 15,000 PPM
  • OTD < 60%
  • Low operating results
  • Inventory turns 4
  • Low organic growth


  • High employee motivation
  • 50% less accidents at work
  • 30% better quality
  • OTD > 90%
  • Improved operating results
  • Inventory turns 6
  • Sales growth > 10%


  • Creating cross-functional teams
  • Organization along the value streams
  • Shop floor management
  • Communication
  • Lean leadership