Leading from the center.
With social competence and assertiveness.

Optimizing business processes to continuously increase customer value leads to sustainable improvements in results. In a constantly changing or highly complex environment, it is essential that all employees of the company see the customer value of the process steps they manage.

The goal must be to detect interruptions in the process flow yourself and to be able to improve them structurally.

Leading within a Lean philosophy includes:

  • Creating transparency of goals and results for all employees
  • Training of problem-solving methods
  • Providing coaching and support for the application of the principle

In “shop floor management”, i.e., not in the meeting room, but directly at the workplace, many small improvements are put into practice step by step and every day.

Together with the employees who are affected by these changes. The appreciation of the individual shown in the process promotes the employees’ identification with cultural change. Being motivated and committed, the employee will find solutions and becomes more and more independent.

The steps you take don't need to be big. They just need to take you in the right direction.”
Unknown author

Statements that describe my philosophy:

The chairman of the works council of a client once described my philosophy as:

“Social competence combined with assertiveness”

And the CEO of another client stated:

“The decision of only one plant was market-driven. The decision which plant was performance-driven based on the improvements you initiated and led.”

Quote from a client team member:

“Today, the focus is clearly on the essential issues and tasks. They are completed one after the other, without constant change of priorities. There is far more stability in the company today by reducing the number of kaizen events with large groups of people. Instead, we experience an efficient processing of topics in small groups. Our improved communication provides more understanding at the base.

Now, we run our company with the flow, not against it. We eliminate bottlenecks through sustainable, future-oriented solutions. Short-term troubleshooting has since been eliminated.”